Creator Monthly
Are you ready to VidCon
Are you ready to VidCon
Drum roll please… welcome to the special VidCon edition of the Creator Monthly!!!! We’re here to celebrate all things internet video and give you the scoop on this year’s CRAZY-BIG conference. There will be special announcements, like the launch of our all-new YouTube for Creators benefits program, new ways to help do away with negative conversations on your channels, and a whole lot more.
We’ll also be live streaming VidCon, so after you’re done with the Creator Monthly, tune in live to watch all the action as it happens!
With you every step of the way
With you every step of the way
Starting today, we’re taking our investment in our creator community to a whole new level in three ways:
Expanded one-on-one support: We’ve increased our creator support by 100x so that every creator with a monetized channel can get answers via email from a real person. You’ve got questions? Now you can get answers faster and more easily. Learn how
Redesigned Creator Hub: The Creator Hub is the one place where you can discover all the programs and resources available for you as well as all the way you can connect with the creator community.
YouTube for Creators: As part of the Creator Hub we’re launching YouTube for Creators, a new multi-level benefits program that gets you the benefits you need to grow your channel when you need them. Take a quick look at the video above to see what you’ll unlock as your subscriber number grows.
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Comment controls
We’ve also developed a new comment control feature that lets you delegate moderation, giving people you trust the ability manage your comments. It’s a great way to help keep your community constructive and friendly. Learn more
Content ID support
We have an update on the improvements to Content ID we announced back in April. We told you then that we were developing a new solution that would allow videos to earn revenue while a Content ID claim is being disputed. We’re now doing live tests and expect to launch to 100 percent of partners in the coming months.
Changes to account penalties
We’ve also observed - as have many of you - that a “strike” isn’t always the best indication of an abusive channel. For example, a new creator might inadvertently get a strike because they are still learning the rules of engagement for YouTube. In fact, most channels that get a strike will never get another one. The “one size fits all” approach - where all users are handled in the same way as bad actors - is not the most effective way to handle these issues. That’s why soon we’ll be we’re adjusting how penalties are applied when a creator receives a strike on their account. You can follow progress here
A new chapter in YouTube’s live stream
Soon, we’ll be putting the power of YouTube live streaming in the palm of your hands. Learn more
Can’t make it to Anaheim this year? We’ve got you covered. Join hosts Kingsley, Lee Newton, and Elliott Morgan for a behind-the-scenes look at VidCon, featuring key moments from the nine stages, interviews with special creators and more. Get in on the conversation by using #VidConlive.
Here are a few events not to be missed:
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Unlocking your gaming channel boot camp
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